Dog catchers and window smashers…

Well, first time I have seen a dog catcher in town. A large hairy dog, Chow or similar, was looking rather lost and sorry for itself, walking back and forth across the crossing at the junction of avenida Castilla Perez and calle El Barrio, and someone had obviously alerted the Local Police.

Two bobbies and a man with one of those poles with a noose on the end. The dog was not at all agitated or aggressive and kept standing next to one of the policemen, but wandered across the road again when the noose approached.

Obviously a well cared for pet, so hopefully will be reunited with its owners before long.

Do football teams employ lip readers? So many managers/coaches look out over the pitch and cover their mouths when giving instructions to staff sitting next to them. Is there a guy with binoculars on the other side of the pitch?

Meanwhile, at 03:00 on Thursday morning, an estate agent in calle Granada suffered smashed windows, although they didn’t shatter. Down by the Riu Monica, however, thieves did manage to smash through the windows of premises and make off with computers and other items.


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