Eleven arrested for drug trafficking

A joint operation between the Guardia Civil and National Police in Almeria has resulted in the arrest of eleven members of a gang trafficking in drugs and smuggling immigrants into Spain and the seizure of 2.4 tones of hashish.

The investigation began in April with the interception of a boat carrying 21 Algerians who were subsequently repatriated. This was followed by the discovery of a ton of hashish being loaded into a van on las Negras, an incident which let to athe arrest of one person.

Another ton of hashish was seized following raids in Valencia, Melilla and Almería and five more people were detained. Fopur homes were raided in Almeria during which the police found a number of firearms.

Finally, raids on a further six homes in Almeria led to the seizure of 14 boats and 20 boat engines, with six people being arrested. One of the detainees was the ringleader of the organisation.

The organisation used a number of warehouses to store the drug prior to distribution in Spain and other parts of Europe.

The investigation is still ongoing and further arrests have not been ruled out.

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