Meal at Maria Bonita

Pepper steak, Maria Bonita, NerjaFor a birthday celebration we popped down to Maria Bonita in Plaza de los Cangrejos, Nerja. It was very busy, as usual, but we managed to get a table and we ordered Entrecote a la Pimienta, a rack of barbecue ribs and a T-bone steak.

I had the Entrecote a la Pimienta (pepper steak), which came with a few chips, couscous, a huge skewer of veggies (green, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, aubergine and plum tomatoes), a bit of grated carrot, red cabbage….and a blackberry!

Ribs, Maria Bonita, Nerja T-bone steak, Maria Bonita, Nerja

The steak was well cooked and the pepper sauce had a hefty bite to it, just to my personal liking. The couscous had a nice texture and the veggies were excellent. The warm blackberry was a delightful little extra.

Couldn’t fault the service, the food was excellent and the portions were, well, enormous. I did manage to eat the lot, but boy was I stuffed…Thoroughly recommended.


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