Late dipper…

So, who was spotted having a late swim on El Playazo beach and then heading over to the shower? Presumably didn’t want to be recognised.


  1. M. Philpot says:

    It is Friday morning but your website still has Wednesday markets showing !!

    Do hope you are well Rob.

    • The Captain says:

      Real. The bear also went in to Pepe Mesa for his 18th birthday and had cake and downed a bottle of coke in Chiringuito Mauri.

      • Your reply makes it all sound a bit of a joke. But do you realise that people who may want to visit Nerja have no idea if bears exist in that area or not? It is after all close to a national park. People would be put off booking holidays to Nerja if they thought bears visited the beach. These sort of rumours get around very quickly on the internet. I don’t think local business people would be very happy if 50,000 tourists avoided Nerja because they believed bears visited the beaches.

        • The Captain says:

          The bear belongs to the Tonelly Circus which was in town for a week. It has been brought up with humans since it was a small cub and is very happy around people. There are no wild bears in the area.

          • The Captain says:

            So true. There are regular stories of exotic ‘pets’: crocodile (very recent), cuddly Bengal tigers, huge snakes, pet hippos etc etc and many of these turn out to be accidents waiting to happen. And they so often do.

            These are wild animals after all is said and done and they invariably retain at least part of their natural instincts, meaning there is always a danger. Probably almost as dangerous as humans.

          • I Googled bears in Spain. Articles said they do have wild brown Cantabrian bears in the north. Shame this circus bear wasn’t relocated there before it got too use to humans.

          • The Captain says:

            The bear has spent almost its entire life, 18 years, around humans, so releasing it into the wild would probably not work.

            You get the odd wild boar in this area!

  2. Martin says:

    Didn’t know that was a nudest beach, why didn’t the bear have trunks on? standards dropping in Nerja. We have enough problems with teenagers partying all night(QED my daughters) now we have to put up with nude bears, shocking!

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