EU inspectors arrive in Spain

A delegation of EU inspectors will arrive in Gibraltar today to discuss whether border controls between Spain and Gibraltar conform to EU regulations and legislation, although the actual inspection will not be carried out until Wednesday.

At the request of the Spanish Government, the isspectors will also look at the question of smuggling and money laundering. They will not, however, be analysing issues such as the hurling of concrete blocks into the bay of Gibraltar, this matter will be the subject of a further study at a later date.

The EU has not supplied details or a schedule relating to the team of inspectors so as to ensure that they can perform their work without pressure.

Of course, anyone who has ever been involved with any kind of pre-arranged and well publicised visits or inspections, be it royal, office, home or anything else, will know that it is almost guaranteed, barring stupidity or accidents, that everything will be spick and span and functioning in accordance with prevailing regulations.

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