Police seize marijuana plants in Bobadilla

National Police in Antequera have arrested a 47-year-old man for alleged crimes against public health after the discovery of marijuana plants at an unoccupied house in Bobadilla.

The pòlice investigation began in September and during initial research they noticed the odour of marijuana emanating from a garden in the Ortiz Recio area of Bobadilla Estación and suspected that plants were being cultivated.

Surveillance of the property revealed that a man arrived daily, unlocked the door and went inside where he remained for a short period to, presumably, tend the plants. He would then leave, carefully locking the premises behind him.

Police identified the individual and then carried out a search of the property where they found four cannabis sativa plants, each about four metres high and in bloom. The man was arrested and charged with a crime against the public health.

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