Graffiti artist caught thanks to social media

Police in Benalmádena have identified a young graffiti artist with the help of social media and the offender has been charged with criminal damage.

Police were investigating graffiti, containing the ‘tag’ Flow, which appeared on street furniture, telephone kiosks, fountains and marquees on a 700 metre stretch between plaza de la Autonomía and avenida de la Constitución.

From CCTV cameras the police identified a possible suspect. It also happened that the daily route of the suspect coincided with the area of graffiti.

Monitoring social media, police found a photo on the youth’s profile with the word Flow in his handwriting and the game was up. The youth appeared at the police station with his mother where he admitted being the culprit and apologised. He was subsequently charged with criminal damage.

The Council estimates the damaged caused by the graffiti at €2,700.

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