Dismissed UGT-A employee accuses UGT regional administration of lying

The UGT Andalucia employee dismissed over the deletion of 1,756 computer files relevant to the investigation being carried out into the misuse of public funds has accused the regional administration of the UGT of ‘lying’ to cover their shame.

Laureano Conde, secretary general in Sevilla and a union member for 28 years, says he is proud to belong to the Union but accuses the regional administration of lying and has stated his intention of taking the matter to the courts.

He insists that his ‘dismissal’ was unlawful and says he intends to institue criminal proceedings against the regional administration.

Conde denies deleting any files and attacked the secretary of UGT-A, Manuel Ferrer, for “lying ” about erasing files from computers at work and he maintains that no files have actually been deleted. He asserts that this is an excuse being used by the regional management to explain the ‘difficulty’ in locating invoices relating to the investigation being carried out by the Junta de Andalucia.

Conde argues that the accounts of the union are not kept on any one personal computer but on the server, and that the annual accounts are locked when closed and cannot be modified unless authorized by the system administrator. He added that the UGT-A should have safety copies and documentation as has been required by law for several years.

Therefore, he concludes that the regional direction of UGT-A has used the deleted files ploy because they were ‘caught red-handed’ when the Junta asked them to submit invoices to justify the public money spent from training funds.

Earlier reports stated that the deletion occurred when someone used the free internet tool CCleaner, a program which merely removes unnecessary temporary files, browser history and cookies and similar and empties the recycle bin. It does not touch folders or files. If this was the case, it certainly lends credence to conspiracy theories.

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