Avocado thief foiled

Local Police in Vélez-Málaga have foiled an attempt by thieves to steal 600 kilos of avocados from a farm on the Camino de Málaga.

A local farmer reported a suspicious vehicle and police rushed to the scene where they located a van, empty. Unable to locate the owner, the police decided to initiate a stake-out, watching the vehicle from a safe distance and hoping to surprise the occupant when he began loading fruits.

Despite the presence of the officers nearby, the owner appeared to get wind of the situation and managed to drive away, headlights off. However, he was later located and identified.

The next day, the farmer saw that 30 boxes of avocados weighing in the region of 600 kilos were stacked about 40 metres from where the van had been parked, obviously ready to be loaded. There was also the broken lock from the farm gates and a pair of pliers on the crates.

The van owner, a Rumanian national with a history of conspiracy, violence, kidnapping and extortion was not charged as the avocados were not found in his van. The vehicle was, however, immobilised and taken to the police pound as it had no ITV, insurance or documentation.

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