Golf course and El Playazo discussed in Sevilla

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has been in Sevilla where he held a meeting with, amongst others, the Secretary general for Territorial Planning and Climate Change, Maria Nieves Masegosa, and the Deputy General of Urban Planning, José Miguel Chinchilla.

Among the topics discussed were the residential construction plans for La Coladilla, which include a golf course, and the proposed residential development of El Playazo beach.

In relation to the residential and golf course project in La Coladilla, a new phase of dialogue between the Council and the Junta de Andalucia is set to open following the Supreme Court decision to invalidate several clauses of the POTAX  (Spatial Plan of the Axarquia Costa del Sol) which had prevented the project being pursued.

Also in attendance were the owners of the land, who recently lost their case to have their money returned, and their participation in proceedings and desire to be involved in the project was described by the mayor as ‘very wise’.

The POTAX now has to be revised in view of the Supreme Court ruling and the mayor warned that there is still a long and complicated process ahead before the project can be developed.

Also discussed was the urban development plan for El Playazo, recently approved by the Nerja Council, another project affected by the POTAX.

  1. Blimey,
    La Coladilla one side, el Playazo the other.

    Hope the water treatment plant can cope! 😉

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