Carnival Nymph 2014

A full house in the marquee in Plaza de España for the election of the Carnival Nymph and Momo on Friday night.

Elected as Carnival Nymph 2014 was Ana Cristina Ruiz Diaz who wore a costume called ‘Mnmósine, goddess of time and memory, mother of the muses’. The costume was designed by Antonio del Corral and was made by himself and Lola Jimena.

Second place went to Cristina Gutiérrez Garcia, who wore a creation entitled ‘Kimoshi, secrets of a Geisha’. The costume was designed and made by Helen Shaw.

The Carnival Momo 2014 is Iván garcia Arenas, who wore a suit designed by Amador Rehak entitled ‘The god minotaur’.

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