Fatal shooting in Estepona

National Police are searching for the former partner of a 49-year-old British national found dead yesterday at his home in avenida Playas del Sol in the Cancelada area of Estepona.

The man suffered two gunshot wounds to the head and it is thought that his former partner was the last to see him alive and is currently the main suspect in the case.

The body was discovered by the man’s current partner who was unable to get into the apartment, despite knowing that there were people in it. Initial investigations suggested either suicide or murder, the gun having been found next to the body. Further investigation clarified that the headwound was not an entry and exit wound but the result of two shots, therefore suggesting murder as the most likely scenario.

It is reported that the deceased only visited his home in Estepona about four times a year, usually in the company of his partner and their child, and appeared to have no money worries, often arriving in flashy cars or on expensive motorcycles.

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