Kiosks for the summer season

The Council has begun the process of awarding the concessions for the nineteen ice cream and sweets kiosks during the summer season. There have been 29 acceptable applications, so 10 people will go on a waiting list in case anyone subsequently drops out.

Several applications were rejected for various reasons, such as missing the deadline, having debts with the municipality and, in one case, the applicant having a spouse already employed by the Council.

The three commercial firms providing the kiosks will soon be contacting the successful bidders to arrange the necessary electrical connections. There have been two changes since last year relating to the placement of kiosks due to electrical connection considerations, Endesa having set a maximum distance between the kiosk and the power point.

For this reason, the kiosk at the far end of Torrecilla beach will be moved to the playground in calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’ next to IES El Chaparil school and the kiosk formerly on El Playazo beach will be transferred to Parque Verano Azuil.

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