Kiosks for the summer season

The Council has begun the process of awarding the concessions for the nineteen ice cream and sweets kiosks during the summer season. There have been 29 acceptable applications, so 10 people will go on a waiting list in case anyone subsequently drops out.

Kiosks for the 2014 season

The Council has approved the criteria for the awarding of ice cream and sweets kiosks for the 2014 season and the deadline for applications is March 7th 2014.

Ice cream kiosks for Fuengirola promenade

Fuengirola Council has signed an agreement to procure 19 ice cream kiosks which will be made available to those with fewer resources, the Welfare Department being responsible for assessing applications.

Kiosks for 2012

From Wednesday February 8th to Monday February 20th is the period to make  applications for the seasonal kiosks in various parts of the town, this year covering the extended period from March 30th to October 15th.

Kiosk deadline is March 3rd

March 3rd is the deadline for anyone interested in operating a kiosk in Nerja during the period April 15th to October 15th 2011.

Applications for kiosks

From March 17th to March 26th is the period allocated for applications for the seasonal kiosks. This year will see 23 kiosks, three more than last year. Applicants must have five years residence in Neraj and may not be in receipt of a retirement pension.

Summer kiosks

Applications are shortly to be accepted for the ice cream kiosks for the upcoming season. The start date for applications is February 5th and continues until February 25th. Interested parties have to appear at the Town Hall (ground floor counter) with: