Suspected paedophile arrested at Alicante airport

National Police officers have arrested a 24-year-old man at Almeria airport who is accused of sexually abusing four minors and exchanging material of a sexual nature with other minors through social media with the intention of setting up meetings with them.

The police investigation began in February after Local Police in Alicante were made aware that a minor had received messages from a group on ‘Whatsapp’ proposing sexual relations.

After exchanging files of a sexual nature, the detainee tried to gain the trust of the minor for the purpose of arranging a meeting in the near future.

Raids were carried out on two premises in Granada used by the detainee and a large number of videos and photographs relating to paedophilia were seized. The detainee, who was studying in Belgium, had just bought an airline ticket and was at the airport when police officers made the arrest.


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