Police union in Sevilla criticises new draft regulations

The union for the Local Police in Sevilla has criticised a new 135 page draft of new regulations relating to the image of police officers as ‘outrageous’, suggesting that more effort should be spent on organising the force.

The 235 draft articles include such things as:

  • No piercings or tattoos in visible areas
  • No long hair or pony tails for men
  • Women’s hair must be natural and not extend beyond the shoulder
  • Women’s earrings must not extend beyond the lobe
  • Officers on duty are prohibited from entering bars, thus preventing them from stopping for breakfast or using the toilets in areas where there are no public facilities
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited
  • The use of private vehicles for official duties is prohibited
  • Officers may not smoke, eat or chew while on duty
  • Sunglasses are permitted but must be discrete, without mirror lenses and must be removed when officers are talking to members of the public
  • Officers are urged to show empathy, self-control and to use correct, respectful and understandable verbal and non-verbal communication.

According to the union, the public does not care if an officer is tattooed, pierced and wears his hair in a pony tail, but are more concerned with getting proper assistance. They believe that more attention should be paid to such matters as providing an armoury so officers do not have to keep their weapons at their homes.

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