Large haul of guns and explosives in Rincón de la Victoria

An investigation into possible crimes of money laundering and urban planning violations has led to the discovery of an arsenal of over 200 weapons at a home in Rincón de la Victoria.

The investigation into possible money laundering and urban planning violations, Operation Yedra, began in May and led to the detention of eight people, including two employees of the Planning Department and a Local Police officer in Málaga.

In one of the raids on homes police found several weapons, and the investigation into the origin of these weapons led officers to Rincón de la Victoria.

When officers searched the home of a Spanish national in Rincón de la Victoria they were surprised to find an arsenal of over two hundred weapons, including assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, mortar rounds and machine guns. The Bomb Squad had to be called in to assess the arsenal.

Investigators are now trying to ascertain both the origin and destination of the weapons and ballistics tests are being carried out to determine if any of the items have been used in the commission of a crime.

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