Fined for playing games and drinking water

Eight youths aged between 20 and 30 years have reportedly been fined €101 each while playing backgammon and drinking soft drinks late at night in a square in Málaga.

The group apparently regularly congregate at around 23:00 for a game and a chat near calle Eugenio Gross in La Purísima, one even taking a small beach chair.

On this occasion, after about three hours, four were playing a game while the girls were chatting when the Local Police arrived and began writing out denuncias. These were reportedly for consuming beverages, in this case water and coke, in an unauthorised area and in response to a complaint by a local resident about the noise of the dice.

One of the group stated that he finished work at 01:00 each day and often pops along to see and chat to his friends. All intend to appeal the fines.

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