New drinking fountains for main parks in Málaga city

Málaga Council is planning to install a total of thirty-two public drinking fountains in various parks in the main districts of the city, these to include two drinking spouts, one for humans and one for animals.

Córdoba, Kaén and Granada have one public drinking fountain for approximately every 1,000 people, but in Málaga the figure is one per 17,701 inhabitants. Residents have long demanded more fountains and finally this could be a reality.

The Council hopes to put the contract out to tender before the end of the year and the fountains installed during 2015. In time for the May elections?

In addition to the installation of new units, any damaged fountains will be repaired or replaced. The design has already been finalised and, for health reasons, includes separate spouts for humans and dogs or other animals. The animals were pretty adamant on this point.

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