Man charged with killing his former partner in Vitoria

The former partner of a waitress whose body was found on Monday at her home in Vitoria has been arrested and charged with murder.

The deceased, apparently of foreign nationality, had reportedly been involved in a number of drug-related incidents, the last being a week ago when drugs were found at her place of work in calle Beato Tomás in Zumárraga.

The body was found on Monday at around 17:15 in a house in calle Guayaquil in the El Pilar district of Vitoria. The body showed signs of violence.

It is thought that the woman, believed to be a Dominican national, could have been killed on Friday or Saturday. This is borne out by the fact that she did not go to work on Saturday or Sunday.

Police are not yet certain whether this is a case of domestic violence or some sort of settling of accounts relating to drugs.

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