Rincón de la Victoria Council once again wanting to expropriate the Tesora cave

Rincón de la Victoria Council has voted to continue trying to expropriate the famous Tesoro Cave, the only visitable marine cave in Europe and one of only three in the world.

The Council currently has a leasing agreement with the owners which continues until 2022, the municipal authority paying €24,000 per year.

Around 30,000 people visit the cave each year. Negotiations with the owners of the cave have so far floundered due to disagreements over money, naturally.

In 2009 the Council valued the cave at a mere €91,827.45, while the owners placed a value of €3.7 million on the site.

As a major tourist attraction with 30,000 visitors and a ticket price of between €2.75 and €4.65, a value of €91,000 seems quite low, if not derisory.

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