Fines of up to €500 for putting up posters in Ronda

People who put up stickers or posters in public places in Ronda – such as on lampposts, signs, billboards, containers, windows of closed establishments etc – will now face fines ranging from €50 to €500.

The Council stresses that this is not a financial measure to raise funds but is designed to present a better image of the town for visitors, fundamental for a tourist town such as Ronda.

Ronda is campaigning to become a Unesco World Heritage Site. Letters have been sent to various agencies, groups, associations and political parties to emphasise the measure, saying that there were no exceptions to the rule.

A Keep Ronda Clean campaign is also under way to raise awareness about the damage caused by littering in the streets and countryside, not cleaning up after pets etc. Posters have already been removed in some areas.

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