Out and About December 21st 2014…

There are roadworks in progress in calle Hernan Cortes.

roadworks calle Hernan Cortes

Nice to see a bit of water in the rio Chillar, and there is quite a bit of greenery near the mouth at El Playazo beach.

rio Chillar, Nerja



Some quiet time

At one time, a big apfelstrudel was around 2.95 in Supersol. Then it went up to 3.95 and very quickly up to the current 5.09!! Managed to find a similar one in Lidl for only 1.45. Have noticed a lot of massive price increases in Supersol recently.

As I was wandering down by the river today, several people attempted to use the public toilets in the Parque Verano Azul after getting out of their vehicles. They were securely locked. Public toilets are so few and far between, seems a bit weird to close them. Was it just because it was Sunday?

The toilet units on some of the beaches, such as El Playazo, are frequently closed during the winter. Maybe most people don’t need to go in the winter.

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