Roadworks update August 4th 2015

Although the roadworks in Calle Los Huertos have not been completely finished, the street is to be opened to traffic.

Looking good, but behind schedule…

The cobbling works in calle Trancos and calle Iglesia are obviously proving to be more time-consuming than was perhaps first thought, as both projects are now running behind schedule (four months).

Roadworks round-up February 16th 2015…

Seems like there is still quite a way to go with the works in both calle Iglesia and calle Trancos, neither looking like they will be finished within the specified period.

Calle Diputación closed to traffic

Calle Diputación is closed to traffic as from Monday January 26th due to the commencement of works related to the sewage plant project.

A load of cobbles

The roadworks in calle Iglesia, at the side of the church on the Balcón de Europa, should be completed, including the laying of the cobble stones, within one month from now, according to the Council.