Improvements to calle Iglesia and calle Tajillo

The Council has approved a project to renovate and improve calle Iglesia, the narrow street on the left side of the church on the Balcón de Europa, and calle Tajillo, the short, dead-end street midway along calle Iglesia.

Orange trees for calle Carmen

The roadworks continue in calle Carmen, the short road joining the paseo Balcón de Europa with Plaza de España, and a total of eight orange trees are now being planted in the street.

Calle Chaparil December 13th 2013…

The roadworks in calle Chaparil now stretch all the way up to calle Jaén, little bridges providing access to the various businesses on the street. There are still a couple of months to go before the scheduled completion of this stretch of the road, the works having started on October 14th 2013.

Roadworks update November 30th 2013…

The works continue in avenida Castila Perez but there is currently no disruption to traffic. Presumably there will be another short break in circulation when the road is eventually resurfaced.

More roadworks in calle Carmen

The Councillor for Infrastructure, Antonio Garcia, has announced the upcoming start of yet more reurbanisation works in calle Carmen, on the stretch linking to Plaza de España.

Calle Chaparil November 4th 2013…

The roadworks in calle Chaparil are now concentrated outside El Tapeito. Not much left of the tree which should be transplanted up by the fire station. With so many trees having been destined for replanting in the one area one would have expected it to be akin to the Amazon rainforest by now, but it isn’t.