Roadworks resume in Ronda

The territorial delegate for Development of the Junta de Andalucia, Manuel Garcia, has announced that the improvement works to the access roads in to Ronda, at a standstill since May 2011, will be completed by the end of April next year.

Roadworks update…

Work continues in calle Iglesias, behind the iglesia El Salvador on the Balcón de Europa, but it is early days yet, still over three months to go before it is scheduled to be finished.

Out and About October 22nd 2014…

Work has started in calle Iglesia and calle Tajillo – behind the church on the Balcón de Europa – and is expected to take the usual four months to complete.

Renovation of calle Trancos

Work has started in calle Trancos to renovate the infrastructure, a project costing é80,000 and expected to last three months.

Roadworks to start next week in Maro

Work is due to start next week on the verges of the road down to Maro beach, starting with the right hand side of the stretch between calle San Miguel and calle Nueva.

Update calle Chaparil February 19th 2014…

Just over four months now and the roadworks continue in calle Chaparil in the stretch between calle Antonio Millón and calle Jaén. One side has been completed so far.

Permanent halt to roadworks in Burgos

The Mayor of Burgos, Javier Lacalle, has announced the permanent cessation of works to convert calle Vitoria into a boulevard, the decision following five nights of protests and 46 arrests.