Avenida Castilla Perez closed to through traffic

The calle El Barrio roadworks have spread to avenida Castilla Perez which means there is no through traffic for the time being. You can get as far as calle Diputacíon, otherwise it is a right turn down calle Jaén and rejoin the road via calle Almirante Carranza.

Calle El Barrio April 17th 2013…

Work continues on the pedestrianisation of calle El Barrio, although it seems that activity only takes place in the mornings at the moment. The works have not been too disruptive so far, with pedestrian access still possible.

Calle Chaparil, April 16th 2013

The roadworks continue in calle Chaparil, Nerja. The project to improve the paved areas began on November 22nd 2011 with a completion period of four months, which puts them almost a month over schedule so far. Still plenty to do before it is finished.

Roadworks in Viznar, Granada

The March rains have caused movement of earth on a stretch of the A-92 in Viznar,Granada, at km 250.9, causing damage to the road and serious damage to the retaining wall, built in 2010 at a cost of €329,222.

Calle El Barrio, April 4th 2013…

Work has suddenly speeded up in calle El Barrio after the Easter holiday period with a lot of activity today. With all the rain we’re having, they certainly need to make the most of dry spells if they are to achieve the required deadline.

Calle El Barrio April 1st 2013…

Work has resumed on calle El Barrio after the Easter holiday period when not much seemed to be going on at any of the renovation sites.

Day 8…

On the sixth and seventh day they rested, but on the eighth day it was both hands to the pump and the alley next to ZaZa’s was being dug up. One would imagine it is going to get quite disruptive for the businesses in the area, although fortunately it is a relatively quiet period in town.