Man detained over disappearance of young child

A three-year-old boy who disappeared yesterday in Rincón de la Victoria and whose body was found this morning apparently showed signs of having drowned.

The body was found in a pond in the Montes de Málaga. The partner of the child’s mother, who reported the disappearance, is being questioned by the Guardia Civil after giving several different versions of what happened.

The man originally said that the child disappeared at a shopping centre in the town, but CCTV footage showed that the child had not been at the shopping centre.

The man then changed his story and said that he had lost the boy at the beach. Police searched for hours in the area around the beach in La Cala del Moral as well as along the cliffs, but without luck.

The body was eventually found at around 01:00 in a pool in the Montes de Málaga, about 15 kilometres from Málaga city.

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