Five injured in bar brawl in Málaga

A discussion about the price of drinks in a bar in the centre of Málaga led to five people being stabbed and two people, including the bar owner, being arrested.

It all started at 01:00 on Friday morning when three men apparently complained about the price of the drinks in the establishment. Witnesses reportedly told police that the bar owner told the three men that he could charge what he liked and that from that moment on, their drinks would cost three times as much.

The discussion became more violent and, according to the three men, the bar owner lashed out at them and his friend pulled a knife.

During the ensuing brawl, not only did the three men suffer stab wounds but also two other customers, a man and a woman, who tried to intervene to calm the situation.

The three men fled the bar but were reportedly chased by the bar owner and the alleged attacker. The fleeing men encountered a police patrol and related their version of events. Moments later, the chasers appeared on the scene but, seeing the police, turned and ran off, each in a different direction.

One man was eventually caught and, after after putting up strong resistance, was subdued and arrested. Police discovered the knife used in the alleged attack, which had been discarded during the chase.

Police found the owner back at the bar and recognised him as one of those chasing the three men. He was also arrested, he too offering strong resistance.

One of the three men who had been attacked suffered a knife wound to the hand, the other two were stabbed in the thigh. The man and woman injured in the fracas suffered wounds to the arm and side respectively and were taken to hospital for treatment.

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