Son arrested for throwing knife at mother

Local Police in Málaga have arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of the crime of abuse within the family after he allegedly threw a knife at his mother, injuring her lip.

The incident occurred several weeks ago at the family home. Police investigating the incident found that the victim had suffered an injury to the lip when a kitchen knife had apparently been thrown at her. Police also noticed that the victim had a plaster cast on her arm, which she said had also been done by her son.

Originally, the women had told doctors that she had fallen and broken her wrist and declined to make a complaint against her son.

Once the investigation was complete, police arrested the son. The detainee has a history of maltreatment and gender violence, has breached conviction conditions, has a restraining order in place relating to another woman, is banned from carrying weapons and has cases pending for crimes against road safety.

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