Familiar story

In view of the perpetual reports of police officers being ‘unavailable’ to investigate crimes (unless it is for speeding), victims being asked to investigate crimes themselves and requests for help being left unanswered until well after the criminals have departed, one could not help but chuckle at:

Sussex police said Mr Miah should have ‘observed from a safe distance’ before dialling 999.

Mr Miah caught two yobs breaking into his restaurant beer cellar and detained the thieves in his crowded restaurant while his staff called the police.

However, as one might expect these days, it was the victim, Mr Miah, who was arrested, kept in a cell for five hours, fingerprinted, photographed and had his DNA taken after one of the yobs complained.

One of the youths was eventually charged with burglary with intent, but one could quite imagine that if Mr Miah had followed police advice, there would have been no arrest…of anyone.

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