Formula One returns

The Formula One circus is back on the road with a thrilling(?) season-opener in Bahrain. With no refuelling, only momentary stops for tyres, gone are the nail-bitingly exciting pit lane overtaking manoeuvres by stationary cars and it’s all down to what happens on the track.

Which is not a lot by the looks of things. It would seem that, barring mechanical faults, once a car gets into the lead then, after about….lap one, that’s about your lot. Hopefully not, but it certainly looks that way. A bit like watching the processional caterpillars. Except the caterpillars are closer together.

Fernado Alonso won the first race of the new season in his new team, Ferrari, after long-time leader Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull suffered….a mechanical fault. Lewis Hamilton was third in the McLaren.

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