Britney returns – and lip-syncs

Britney Spears has made return to the stage after a five year absence, starting a 44 date tour. During the stage show, the singer manages a dozen changes of costume as she wriggles and writhes around the stage. Gone is the former clean-cut image, the costumes getting skimpier as the show goes on.

However, despite fairly good critical reviews, is it really a ‘concert’? It may be a ‘show’, but as Britney lip-syncs the whole time, is it really a ‘concert’?

Surely the whole point of going to a concert to hear your favourite singer is to actually hear that person sing, not mime to a backing track! Otherwise you might as well watch a video and listen to the CD. I would personally feel cheated to pay good money to watch anyone other than Marcel Marceau miming.

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