Britney criticised for miming

Britney Spears has been left distraught over claims that she disappointed fans with her lip-syncing while on tour in Australia.

The poor girl, people can be so cruel sometimes. How could anyone, even those paying up to $800 for a ticket, have the audacity to complain? After all, the girl is so obviously doing her guppy impression for their benefit.

Out of consideration for her audience, she elects to mime to the songs in order to preserve her energy for the more important aspects of her ‘live’ musical performance, the costume changes. If she had to sing as well she might be too tired to do justice this quintessential part of her act. Not only that, she is also sparing the auditory receptors of the public, highly commendable.

Come on, give the girl a break. Who on earth goes to a music concert to hear anyone sing or play?

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