A busy week of official inaugurations in Málaga

With the regional elections now over, but the local elections looming, the week of March 23rd to 29th is the only time available for a host of official inaugurations in Málaga.

March 23rd: Inauguration of the Auditorio Fekipe VI in Estepona.

March 24th: Inauguration of the Museo de Arte in Antequera.

March 25th: Inauguration of the Museo Ruso in Málaga city.

March 26th: Inauguration of the renovated Caminito del Rey which will open to the public on March 28th.

March 27th: Inauguration of two exhibitions at the CAC and the Thyssen Museum.

March 28th: Inauguration of the Centro Pompidou in Málaga city.

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