Better sports facilities at Burriana Beach

Burriana is a very popular Mediterranean beach that attracts many visitors with its beautiful cave rock like mountains formations that embrace the soft, white sandy beach overlooking the subtle blue tones of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is also well known for its many restaurants and shops and availability of different water sports in the warm summer months.

To the delight of all, the sports councillor of the Nerja Town Hall has been installing a multiple sports court on Burriana beach situated where the old volleyball court used to be. This court will be equipped to house the practice of volleyball and additional

Sports on the beach such as football, basket ball and hand ball. These new installations will allow locals and tourists to enjoy more recreation on this beautiful beach all year around.

  1. graham ash says:

    nerja town council need to get the burriana beach toilets cleaned daily and keep them stocked with handwash,hand dryers,toilet paper etc.most of the restaurants on the beachfront do not have toilets and rely on the public toilets for their is obvious that many people are using these toilets and cannot wash their hands properly before going in the restaurants.will be there in 3 weeks and will be interested to see if there is any improvement.

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