Nerja’s local Ibex reportedly under threat

Threats to these interesting mammals is the unfortunate collecting of ‘trophies’. Rather than being hunted for food, mature ones are reportedly killed simply for their heads. The animals impressive set of horns are collected by certain individuals. Wiping out the dominant males can seriously upset the balance of a herd.

Until June 3 there’s an opportunity to visit the exhibition “The mountain goat, from Maro to Cerro Gordo” at Nerja Culture Centre.

The exhibition, by photographer José Antonio Montilla, seeks to draw attention to the big problem of poaching. “The population of males is being extinguished because of poaching, so that today, 80% of the males photographed here, have disappeared because of those who covet their antlers,” said Montilla.

Both males and females have impressive horns with the females reaching a length of up to 30 centimetres and the males antlers growing to a much greater size, even up to one metre in length in older males.

José Antonio is a photographer with much experience that started from the early age of just 14. His dedication to such work was evident in that he was determined that his first salary would fund his training. He even set up his own photograph laboratory for processing his captivating photography.

Ibex are a spectacular sight to be seen in their own environment and regularly fascinate visitors to Nerja. Individual animals and parents with their little ones closely following behind, are sometimes spotted near Nerja’s hill sides, cliffs and mountains.

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