The best food to eat during a heatwave

As Spain sizzles in some of the hottest weather on record, we thought we would offer some tips on what foods to eat as the mercury rises.


The truth is that when the temperature gets really hot the last thing on our mind is food. In fact, many of us hardly eat at all, preferring to eat light meals with plenty of water to keep us hydrated.

We get about 20-30% of our fluid intake from food, and as long as you drink water throughout the day you should be fine.

When it comes to summer food it appears that is to sticking to fruit and vegetables is a the sensible option. Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and melons are all plentiful during the hottest months of the year and contain a high water content to help keep our bodies in balance. A favourite dish to help us eat well & yet keep cool during the summer is the popular gazpacho soup. A refreshing chilled soup with made with all fresh ingredients and eaten chilled. 

However, If you want something a little more substantial to go with your salad, pair it with fresh fish or grilled chicken followed by a slice of watermelon for the perfect summer meal.



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