Holiday home owners & residents to paid for damages by Town Hall after Torrox Costa landslide

A day after a landslide that caused damage to a door, several windows and a wall on the Calaceite housing development in Torrox Costa, residents were told that is was safe to return to the building.


ICS engineering company and Town Hall technicians carried out a full inspection of the building following Sunday’s landslide and deemed the building to be safe.

Even though local police had advised residents to leave the building, technicians said that “there was no danger to individual properties.”

This was confirmed by the vice-president of the Calaceite community, Miguel Soto. “Those of us who had nowhere else to go stayed here anyway,” he added.

“Luckily nothing serious happened and we are hoping that the Town Hall will keep their promise,” he said.

This was referring to promises made by the Town Hall to repair the damage which is estimated to be between 30 and 40 thousand euros.

The majority of the 33 apartments were unoccupied at the time as they are used as holiday homes, leaving just 6 year-round homeowners to worry about whether or not they had to leave the building.

This latest incident comes after a giant boulder fell on the nearby coastal N340 forcing the road to be closed for a month.

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