Nerja wins award for best beaches in Europe

According to ‘European Best Destinations’, Nerja stands out among one of the best beach destinations in the whole of Europe. The organization is based in Brussels and was created to promote tourism and culture in Europe, in association with more than 300 Tourism offices and the EDEN network. Nerja was awarded second place, just after Pasjaca, in Croatia.

The councillor for Beaches in Nerja, Francis Arce, stated “We are pleased that Nerja is recognized as a preferred beach destination, and even more so knowing the wonderful beaches that exist in so many other corners of Europe. We who live here know that Nerja is special, and can enjoy its beaches throughout the year. Yet, we hope that all our visitors can do the same, and also feel the warmth and friendliness of the locals, who always go out of their way to make each visitor feel welcome”.
The councillor said that as well as being proud of the award, everyone living in Nerja is well aware of the unique charm of Nerja’s beaches, which extend along the coast of our municipality at the foot of the Sierra Almijara Natural Park.

Francis Arce said that besides the wonderful beaches, visitors also discover stunning nature, gastronomy, and Nerja’s local people. The councillor added that to benefit fully from the summertime and the rest of the year, everyone must all be responsible given the current circumstances and follow basic health safety standards and the instructions of the staff during their visit to the beach.

Nerja Beach

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