Latest information on vaccination and restrictions in Nerja

Updated: 11th March 2021

For the moment, foreigners can only obtain a vaccine at a public health centre if they are registered with the Social Security system and have the medical card “tarjeta sanitaria”. At the moment the Nerja health centre “Centro de Salud” is phoning the 80 age group. Please note that persons considered in the risk group, have to wait at the moment, for their turn according to their age group. The vaccine is not available in private clinics.

Foreigners without tarjeta sanitaria:

Many foreigners who are Resident and have pre-retired before pension age or are Non Europeans, don’t have public Spanish health care, as when applying for the Residencia a private insurance was required.

You can register at the health centre for at least 3 months if you have all of the following:

– A green Residencia or the TIE resident card. Not the white NIE.
– A town hall Padron population list certificate called “volante” dated in the last 3 months. – The European blue medical card “EHIC” or the S1 medical form for pensioners.

If you don’t have all these documents, for the moment you have to wait until the health centre gives other instructions.

How to make an appointment at Nerja health centre to register for a doctor

Phone: 951289662 Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm and Friday from 8am to2 pm. (This number can frequently be occupied)
Give your name, NIE or passport and say “ tramites administrativos para tener medico”.

If you have a Residencia but don’t have Social Security,
If you have a green residence card / certificate or a TIE residence card for over 1 year and you are also registered on the town hall Padron, if you wish, you can benefit of the main services of the Spanish Social Security by applying for the “Convenio Especial”. You have to pay 60 € per month per person if under 65 years old and 157 € per month per person if over 65 years old.
You apply at the local health centre.

If you have a medical card “tarjeta sanitaria” it is advisable to check your telephone number, email and address, especially now that you are going to be called from the health centre for the vaccine when it is your turn.

You can check and modify your details if you have a digital signature certificate “certificado electronico” also called “certificado digital”.
Google: and click the following:
– Ciudadanos at the top of the page.

– Variacion de datos
– After each section, you have to select certificado electronico.
– Cambio de domicilio (the 1st option).
– Cambio y comunicacion de telefono y correo electronico (the 2nd option). – At the end of each section click continuar or aceptar.


Due to the new covid situation in Britain, the British can only enter a Spanish airport if you have one of the following:
1) a Residence card.
2) a Padron certificate from the town hall.

3) a utility bill in your name of having a property in Spain. 4) working in Spain certificate.
5) studying in Spain.
6) a document proving you live in Spain.

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