Algarrobo, a small village located east of Vélez-Málaga, thrived during the Moorish occupation through the production and sale of silk, raisins, almonds and figs.

The area was reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in April 1487, but the defeated Moors were allowed to remain to cultivate their crops, although the terms were extremely harsh.

After the Morisco (Muslim converts) revolt of 1569, however, the Moors were expelled. Much of the village was damaged on Christmas day 1884 when an earthquake devastated a vast area of the Axarquia.

The area has been the site of various important archaeological finds, including tombs from the 8th and 5th centuries B.C., considered amongst the most significant on the Western Mediterranean coast.


Area: 10 square kilometres
Altitude: 86 mtrs above sea level
Population: +/- 4,800
Distance from Nerja: 19 km
Driving Time: +/- 20 minutes


Places of Interest

The 17th century Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Ana

Ermita de San Sebastian, built in 1976 but an exact copy of the 16th century chapel which once occupied the site.

Torre Ladeada (Moorish) and Torrenueva (16th century), near the mouth of the River Algarrobo.

Nearby: 8th century B.C. Palaeo-Punic tombs at Trayamar

Local Cuisine

Local specialities include: Ajoblanco (cold garlic soup with bread, oil and vinegar), Potaje de Hinojos (fennel stew), Potaje Algarrobeño (Algarrobo stew), Moraga de Pescado (spit-roasted fish), Espetos de Sardinas (skewered sardines), Choto en Salsa (kid in sauce) and Algarrobo Cakes. Mosto, unfermented grape juice, is the local tipple

Local Festivals

Fiesta de San Sebastian (January 20th) – A statue of the village’s patron saint is carried from its chapel in the village to the parish church.
Feria (First weekend in August) – Party time.

Useful Info

Town Hall
Tel: 952552430

Where to Stay

El Chato*
Ave. Karat, 1
29750 Algarrobo

Where to Eat

Edif. Río de Janeiro

Edif. La Habana. Bajo

La Barca
Edificio Ascona, Bajo

Ave. Karat, 32

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