Playa Burriana
29780 Nerja

Albi, Burriana beach, Nerja

Large, popular eatery on the paseo at Burriana beach in Nerja.

  1. Steve Shortland says:

    Albi Restaurant Burriana Beach – consistently rude restaurant staff 2-years in a row ! We first tried this restaurant last year ( 2014) along with another family, so 9 people in total, and found the staff/ owner quite rude & surly . Then this year ( 2015) , my daughter & her friend, both 15 years old, not remembering the experience from last year TRIED to eat there again. Basically the staff ignored them to the point where they had to go up to the bar themselves after waiting 20-minutes + to ask for a drink ! They then enquired about possibly ordering some food, only to once again be treated with rudeness & complete disdain by the staff. Needless to say they ( very wisely ) paid for their drinks and left. Went and ate dinner at an another ( much more friendly) restaurant along Burriana beach.

    I have no-idea what issue the staff had with two polite & charming 15 year old girls wishing to order dinner…. perhaps they pre-supposed there would not be a sufficient tip forthcoming (?..). Who knows, but we would strongly recommend that you ignore this restaurant and try elsewhere – unless particularly you fancy ‘Basil Fawlty’ levels of service .

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