Blanco y Negro (Black and White)
Calle Pintada 35
29780 Nerja

Blanco y Negro

Blanco y Negro offers all major sporting events ‘live’, regular karaoke evenings during the week and ‘live’ music at weekends.

You get not only local musicians playing here but also touring groups or artists.

  1. To say i was dissapointed with this bar is an understatement, after using the spanish bars and eateries where you are treated with the utmost respect, We ventured into Black and whites the british bar, only for my friends son to be treated with humiliation by being acused of stealing 5 euros of the bar, after enquiring the person who was supposedly to have the momey stolen didnt have a clue what was going on, stinks of a scam to my liking, point to note my friends son is a lawyer in London who certainly doent need 5 Euros.

    Yours Disgustingly

    JR Essex

  2. Susan Heffernan says:

    I have just come back from Nerja and visited Blanco Y Negro on four occassions and had a fantastic time on each visit. The staff are very friendly and very welcoming. Karaoke nights were great fun even though I didnt sing myself, the atmosphere was great. Some nights were a bit quiet but then a lot of the pubs were quiet. I would definetly return to this bar and wish Donna and Peter the best of luck for the coming year.

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