Carabeo 34
Calle Carabeo 34
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 54 44

Carabeo 34

Excellent food at what is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Nerja. Ideal location for a special occasion or celebration.

Garden overlooking the sea.

Carabeo 34, Nerja Carabeo 34, Nerja

  1. Sarah O'Neill says:

    This is an absolute gem. The service, the food, the atmosphere (live bossa nova when we were there) and the setting was just glorious. The baby courgette with flowers stuffed with goats cheese fried in tempura batter was just the most sublime thing I have ever tasted. The staff were incredibly friendly and attentive and the free glass of bubbly by the starlit pool after dinner was a wonderful touch. All of this for 50 euros a head? Fantastic value too. Six stars!!

  2. william says:

    stayed at the hotel several years ago and ate at the restaurant during the stay. The food,drink and table were of a high standard as was the rooms within the hotel. If you want fine dining then its the place for you.
    Overall enjoyed the restaurant experience with excellent views of the sea and a romantic setting as the daylight fades to sunset.

  3. Shirley Booth says:

    We ate in the restaurant for the first time in July and were impressed with the quality of the food and service. It is our ‘new’ favourite restaurant in Nerja.

  4. Very good food, great building, good views, waiters bit slap dash, Hey its Spain! Good fun

  5. Mel Warner says:

    On July 15th. we ate in Carabeo 34. The food was excellent, the best we ate in the 3 weeks we spent in Nerja. We were a group of 4 and none of us were disappointed with our meal. It’s not cheap but is definitely worth a visit.

  6. Bernard J Finnegan says:

    We have been going to Nerja each year for the last ten years and on each occasion have enjoyed at least two meals in this wonderful restaurant. The only difficulty is in selecting your meal from the delicious offers on the menu and your selection from the very varied wine list. My favourites are the baby leg of lamb and any of the fish dishes. The new table settings this year are a great addition. Keep up the good work.

  7. repurban says:

    Unfortunatly our visit to Carabeo 34 was a little disappointing regarding all the good things we read and heard about the restaurant. We expected it to be a top class restaurant but cannot say it is more than just above average.
    The amuse bouche was some kind of cream chesse on toast. The toast was soft and not crispy anymore. Nothing a better restaurant had served their guests at all.
    The food was good and well prepaired but did not contain any extra surprising elements.
    The wine list contains mostly Riojas and no surprises.
    Services was not the best and I am not sure all of the waiters knew their roles.

    Over all a good restaurant with good food but not outstanding in any way.

  8. k ritchie says:

    Have been going to Nerja for many years.Unfortunately the last two times we have dined here,on both occasions,the service left alot to be desired.
    Both the waitress and waiter/owners son were hard pressed to raise a smile.Although our food was nice,when the waitress poured our complimentary ‘fizz’ at the end of the meal,the table got more than we did in our glass and we were left with 1/3 of a glass.
    With so many lovely restaurants in Nerja,we wont be returning again.

    • You must have hit a bad night. We have been going there since it opened and each exparience has been that of a 5 star rating.Perhaps try again when you are ready for a true dinng experience.

      • Ive been in Nerja for 33 years. Most bad reviews come at the end of the season. April May June this is the best. july Aug the whole town is to busy and you take a chance where ever you go. Sept October you are best with Spanish beach bar as the waiters in the big places are drained need a break and have a real loss of interest. Dec they have made so much momey they shut up and go on long haul holidays.

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