Chiringuito Mauri
El Playazo beach
29780 Nerja


Chiringuito Mauri is located at the western end of El Playazo beach. It has a spacious interior, a large sunny garden area and, of course, a sea view! It is open throughout the year.

It is an excellent place to relax, be it just for a drink and tapas or for a proper meal.

In addition to regular meals, there is also a barbecue area where paella, meats and sardines are cooked on open fires.

Chiringuito Mauri is in a great location, has  a very friendly atmosphere, the food is very good, service is good and the prices are more than reasonable.

  1. This is so Spanish, so relaxing, so reasonably priced and so friendly that anyone reading this might think I am making it all up. I’m not. Go to Trip Advisor and read their reviews. This is a great place to visit. The only thing against it, but at the same time in its favour, is where it is located. At the far end of El Playazo beach and is quite a walk. We always make the walk at all times of the year

    • nicholas haseley says:

      yes it does sound too good to be true, but it is as you stated . We spent many relaxing after noons there last year and are returning again in September this year , 2017. A truely fabulous place to drink & dine. NICK & LYNN

  2. Joyce Thakur says:

    We have been going to Mauri’s for 30+ years and its as good now as it was then and you cant say that about many places or things today. I recently had my birthday there with 14 friends on a beautiful sunny Sunday in January. We all had a wonderfully relaxed time. By prior arrangement they provided cava to greet the guests and a big cake that was delicious as well as great fish, salads, paella, aoli and cold, cold rose. We all hope that the talk about developing this beach will not happen. Burriana is for those that like the hustle bustle but Playazzo Beach is natural and undeveloped which makes it quite unique. This is one of those special places that are few and far between.

    • Like you Joyce we have been visiting Mauri for a number of years and it as good as it has always been and the reasonable prices hardly differ.
      It seems to be filled out on most days especially in the cooler months whilst other similar restaurants have only a few clients.
      The fact that they looked after you so well on your special day is no surprise to me as they have the friendliest staff you could want and if the development of the area ever does go ahead it will be mean Nerja will lose a real gem of a place. Lets hope it never happens.

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