El Molino
Calle San José 4
29780 Nerja

El Molino, Nerja

An excellent late night bar with the owner, ‘El Molino’, serenading everyone with his flamenco singing. If not him, then someone else will probably be singing.

Visitors are encouraged to join in and the atmosphere in the place is always excellent.

Doesn’t open till 9:30 and doesn’t really get going until a bit later!

  1. Larry Murphy says:

    You know you are really in Spain when you enter El Molino. This is not a venue that contrives to cater for the Costa del Sol tourist. This is a Spanish owned and run bar where young and old, local and visitor are made welcome and become part of the traditional atmosphere. Guitar and song provided by ‘La Paloma’ and friends, dancing (with the ubiquitous ‘Sevillana’) provided by locals on a night out and the occasional brave, or slightly ‘merry’, Brit. At midnight the lights are dimmed for the nightly dedication to the candlelit image of El Rocio, the ‘Virgin of Andalucia’, sung by the staff. It is quite moving and you can join in with the great ‘VIVA!’ at the end, whether you are a believer or not! For the price of a beer you can soak up this wonderful atmosphere and feel part of real Spain.

    • nicola hodges says:

      Your my kinda open person!!! I am trying to save to go next year to Nerja. It has always touched my heart and is my ‘second home’. Yay to EL MOLINO !!! and NERJA.

      • I first visited EL Molino in Nerha 8 years ago as a guest of their main dancer. On that occasion I found it charming. I am a professional flamenco teacher and at this time the main dancer there was a student of mine. Although iit is not in any way a flamenco bar, I approved of its appeal to the tourist as it was a party time fiesta style late night venue , I enjoyed rumbas and sevillanas which was the only repertoire played. I’ve been in past happy to promote it as a lively fun touristy place to friends and students as the atmospher was fun.
        But sadly I’ve just left there tonight in tears. Its the most upset and insulted I’ve ever been in my career. I was visiting friends in Nerja for just two nights so I poped into meet them at bar Molino ( which I had recommended they go to earlier) to have a look and see if they enjoy the atmosphere. It was a relatively well attended February night but not exactly ful despite it being carnival week.
        .Antonio was the rudest barman I’ve ever met who doesn’t have s word of English he just bluntly told me if I wasn’t drinking alcohol then I had to leave. I was mortified! As a non drinker/professional and passionate fan of flamenco I always recommend bars like this as they cater for the average punter and I too have enjoyed the 3 visits I’ve made here in the past .But tonight I was totally insulted when I was told to leave be caused I asked for agua . I was there in total 10 mins. I’ve never even got to my friends table to meet them before this happened. I’m amazed that this place keeps going as its reputation isn’t what it was. At 70% full in a busy night of fiesta I would have thought that even if they didn’t recognise me that it should be good for business to try to be polite to little old flamenco lady like myself.. Perhaps they might wait and see if I would even buy my friends a drink. But I’m appalled . I stayed recently at Malaga’s latest 5 star hotel and no one insisted I drink alcohol in order to be welcome at the bar . Do they know how many people this offends. I will never return to El Molino in Nerja as these guys running it now are total idiots not to mention people unfriendly. The boss of this bar needs to look at his staffs horrific behaviour.

  2. Been here twice and midnight song never happened! On one visit La Paloma sang all evening and was very good but there were no other singers, or anyone dancing. Drinks prices are very expensive too.

    • Larry says:

      In reply to Katrina; I have just returned from a week in Nerja and visited El Molino several times. The dedication to the Virgen del Rocio was performed each time by Jose Paloma who sang every night. Fernando also sang on Thursday and Friday. Prices are of course dearer than the average bar without live music. But 3 Euros (£2.40) for a small beer compares reasonably well with British venues providing entertainment, where there is often an admission charge. After all, you cannot expect Paloma and Fernando to work for free!

  3. Katrina says:

    Hello Larry, It is a couple of years since we were there and it appears that they may have decreased their prices as many people have remarked that they used to be expensive. I know that we were paying approximately 5 euros per drink (wine or beer).

  4. It`s nothing like REAL SPAIN It`s false and contrived.
    Also, pretend you`re Spanish or the price of your drink in doubled.Gives REAL Spanish bars a bad name !!

    • Agree totally with you Mary- this is a total rip off bar and no english spoken and not for the tourists. We were ripped off here when we called in one night just a week ago in Sept for a drink €10 for a local brandy and a Zambuca. There was only one group of spanish people here, about 6 of them with a child, and a guy singing and this was about 10:30pm- no atmosphere and very stuffy- we left disgusted and will not be back and will not advise anyone to visit there- keep it for the spanish. Can see now why it is NOT reviewed on Trip Advisor as it’s not for the tourist. It’s off the beaten track so not worth the hassle of trying to find it as it’s a rip off.

  5. Marlyndoyle says:

    We are visiting nerja from18th May to 25th May can we visit during the week

  6. will weston says:

    visited on saturday in May. brilliant evening, great atmosphere, heaving, helped by 2 (spanish) hen parties. everyone singing their heads off. 2 singer/guitarists alternate. liked change from pure flamenco. no snacks though. visited a few days later, much quieter.

  7. nicola hodges says:

    Sorry Mary – I have been to Nerja on and off for 30 years, and EL MOLINO a few times. This is the REAL SPAIN !! Dont know where you have been? Maybe more in the rural areas. As you may know Spanish culture esp. FLAMENCO is different in different regions.

    But Nerja is authentic and traditional. I hope it stays that way and is not ruined by being too commercialised.

    Just my opinion.

  8. I have been to this bar on three different occasions and was made very welcome and absolutely loved the atmosphere. The drinks were very good price for a live music venue. I’m sorry but if this is not real spanish nothing is.

  9. I went yesterday and I had an amazing time there. Good atmosphere, people dancing, singer with an amazing voice… I will never forget this night, thanks a lot !

  10. I’m in Nerja now and been coming for 25 years. Always been a great bar with great music. Rafa (los barriles) is opening his new bar next door anytime so should make for a great night out between the 2 bars.

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