Jaipur Indian Restaurant
Calle Los Huertos
29780 Nerja

Jaipur restaurant, Nerja

Indian Tandoori restaurant on calle Los Huertos with a full take away service. Gets a lot of good customer reviews.

  1. Sharon & Sterl says:

    Been here on several occasions on our last few visits to Nerja. We have never been disappointed with the quality and selection of the food.

    Highly recommended.

    • i cant say the same..my experience really was awfull..to long waiting for my food and it was absolutlly crap..no no no never again..

  2. went here again last week, again good food and great service.

    The price does seemed to have crept up but still probably the best Indian restaurant I have been to in Nerja

  3. Khadija says:

    difinitly its the best indian restaurant in all Nerja : ))
    high food and service quality !

  4. Monica says:

    Really good food and not overly expensive. Good value för the money. The man working there is very nice. But at our last visit there was a stern-looking woman circling around our table all the time, taking glasses and plates away the very second something was (or appeared) finished. Annoying and disturbing, but apart from that our visits have been just perfect.

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