La Puntilla
Calle Bolivia
29780 Nerja

La Puntilla La Puntilla, Nerja

La Puntilla is another very Spanish tapas bar which gets very crowded, and noisy, at lunchtimes, hardly surprising as the tapas are excellent.

The speciality is fish, and there are loads to choose from, although meat dishes are also readily available. It is also a restaurant, so full meals are available and there is a small street terrace in summer. No tapas on the terrace, though, only inside.

La Puntilla, Nerja La Puntilla, Nerja

The tapas are included in the price of drinks.

La Puntilla, Nerja

La Puntilla, Nerja La Puntilla, Nerja

Recommended: Clams, sardines, boquerones, prawns….well, just about everything really.

  1. Kelly Murphy says:

    Without doubt THE best berenjenas con miel, bacalao and almejas I have had. Highly recommended if you love your fish.

  2. Ann Morland says:

    Lovely tapas bar,great atmosphere, recommend the house red wine,delicious.

  3. Carina Gorgon says:

    Las tapas mas ricas y el pescado mas fresco que comemos en Nerja son en La Puntilla. Ambiente agradable y familia; cosas de valorar.

  4. helen janssen says:

    La puntilla tapa bar. Heerlijk gegeten!!! Een echte aanrader. Je kunt aan de bar eten of buiten aan tafel. Tis niet echt sjiek maar de vis overtreft alle tapas bars van Nerja!!Veel spanjaarden komen hier een hapje en drankje doen. groet Helen- Elena

  5. The Crimson Pirate says:

    One of the best around. Friendly locals, cold beer and great seafood. Highly recommended. A bit out-of-the-way but that just adds to your sense of having found a true gem.

    • Great place to be to eat and drink on the street. The Guys and Girls are great in there but old El Gordo is a bit unfriendly.

  6. Super friendly, if you can’t find someone to talk to YOU have a problem. Made very welcome Food. . Have a couple of drinks and Tapas in the bar then get a table outside or upstairs, have 3 or 4 rationes
    small plates of food, enough for 3-4. and enjoy, A fraction of U.K. prices.

  7. Shune36 says:

    This is an absolutely fab and friendly bar, been to nerja the last 6 years and for some strange reason they seem to remember who we are !!!!!

    Don’t try the raya!! Unless you like eating bones!!! Very strange dish, however, everything else was yummy.

    I think i know who Dave is, yes he is very knowledgeable of the town & CHEAP places to be seen in,He’s very shabby chic !!!!!!! LOL:)). Hope we bump into you again this year Dave. You taught us a lot

    Happy eating everyone

    • Being Scottish we have to keep up our reputation for being mean going, Funny how often ‘you lot’leave us to pick up the tab. Best wishes. Dave.

  8. Hi Shune. Why 36? can’t believe there are another 36 like you. Yes good idea who you are also, Hope to be ther, The Puntilo from about the 13th Sept. Best wishes Dave

  9. Best tapas bar in Nerja in my opinion.Friendly staff, tasty well cooked tapas,and the lads behind the bar a brilliant.Its always busy with noisy locals, would love to be there for a big football match.

  10. A bit of a rainy Sunday. Prawns pil pil and the Sunday special of fried fish and? Potato / cous cous? delicious and a firm favourite with the locals!!

  11. One of the best wine/tapas places in Nerja, if you don’t mind the Public Convenience surroundings – which I suppose is one of its Spanish charms ! If you are really into toilet-decor, also try El Pulguilla, which also has the added benefit of uncontrollable NOISE !!!

    • Dave MacIntosh says:

      Having had a drink ( several) with the ‘terrible’ trio Wakim, Halvi. and Josie, sorry about probable wrong spelling, on the night before they went to their holiday destinations, . They DID need a holiday!!!. There is to be an update to the frontage to tie in better with the excellent new eating place in the old flat across from the bar. also a general tidy up.
      I am here for a few weeks and like a lost soul as my routine is, Chispa, Puntilo, Cangreco and then I can’t quite remember where? but, sure I enjoyed myself!!!.

      • Any idea how long it’s closed for? I’m coming over for Christmas/New Year and La Puntilla is probably my favorite in Nerja, so I would be gutted if it were closed.

  12. Nerjfam says:

    Will be back in September. The resturant area is Fab, the guys and girls are the best. Love it, love it, love it.

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