Plaza Cavana
29780 Nerja

MarBella, Nerja

MarBella, located in Plaza Cavana, Nerja, opened in May 2013 to replace Casa Luque.

It is a large restaurant with an Andalucian patio and an ample terrace.

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  1. Visited the Marbella at the beginning of our holiday in July,food service and ambience were all excellent.Returned again at end of holiday on what happened to be Flamenco night.It could almost have been a different restaurant! Food was still very nice,service could only be described as chaotic.Waiters were running around like headless chickens,trying to serve all areas of the considerably extensive eating area,rather than having responsibility for designated tables.The problem did not seem to be a shortage of staff,but one of total disorganisation.
    Such a shame as we had enjoyed our first visit so much.

  2. Edmund Prendiville says:

    Five of us eat there and would never go back and would never recommend it to anyone.The staff are ignorant, but especially the head waiter who was clicking his fingers and speaking in a raised voice at the rest of the staff.
    Bad value.

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